Internet dating a personal survival guide

Besides that, he makes it his mission to reveal Finch is a geek to all the girls.

A**hole behavior like his in the movie is something to be avoided for people in their real lives Sutton described this person as nasty to a person's face and not afraid to show that behavior.

This inspired Sutton to analyze a**holes and what makes them prominent in daily life and the workplace.

'General definition (of an a**hole) is someone who leaves you demeaned, disrespected or de-energized,' Sutton said.

Sutton listed President Trump as a popular figure who is known to push people aside to get what he wants.'Trump got to the top by stepping on people,' Sutton said.

He thinks this is part of the reason why President Trump is now having issues pushing policy.

'They kiss up and knock down people around them.' Sutton said the backstabbers can be the most dangerous because they pretend they are on your side for as long as possible before they no longer need you.

This type of a**hole might not think they are being one because they aren't saying anything, but their lack of acknowledgement speaks volumes.


His new book, The A**hole Survival Guide, gives a detailed look in the jerks in everyone's life and what are the best practices to avoid them... Daily Mail Online spoke with Sutton on what makes someone an a**hole and the steps people can take to rid them from their own life.Sutton explained that power can make people feel like they are above others and therefore think they are allowed to behave this way.


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