Pictues of two teenagers dating

Ayesha quickly realized preconceived notions about him were wrong.

“He was so funny and silly,” she says, “the absolute opposite of what I thought he was going to be.” Not long after, Ayesha felt some rejection of her own. I was trying to sit and watch the movie, but I was freaking out.


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WATCH: Riley Curry Models for Freshly Picked The strong bond they’ve maintained over the years is evident, and it’s often caused fans to put their family life on a pedestal — something they don’t necessarily advocate.

“I don’t like people looking at someone else’s image,” Steph says.

“I didn’t know what the ESPYs were,” Ayesha laughs, claiming she wasn’t into sports before meeting Steph.

“My parents found this paper from my high school theater class where you had to write down what you wanted in a significant other,” she recalls.

That’s why Healthgrades is proud to introduce the National Health Index.



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