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I try to block out people's voices in my head and just go with how I feel.

Your views on gender could be considered radical by a lot of people. I always tell people that if I was going to let people change me, I would have done it in kindergarten and I would have given into society's expectations then because I live in the part of the South that you can live in where bringing Barbies to show and tell is not considered remotely acceptable. And I've never considered -- ever -- what other people accept. A lot of people would consider that a cop-out answer and say, "You have to consider other people to get through life," but I just never have.

I love your video "From Boy to Girl to Woman to Man." At the end it there's a line of text that reads something like "The journey continues..." So, do you have any idea where you're headed in terms of what the next incarnation of Chris Crocker will be?

I actually dressed up in drag last night for the first time since August [see photos in slideshow above] and even in August that had been the first time in months and months.

Chris Crocker: People usually ask me something really simple-minded like "So you're a man now?

" and they want it to be this really simple answer.

And the real answer is that I don't feel like a woman.

References to the video have since appeared everywhere from "Glee" to "South Park" and the clip was named magazine's number one video of 2007.

Crocker soaked up the attention and spun it to his advantage.

I just so happen to be gay or trans or gay and trans or whatever. I'm just content with myself and I think that makes people discontented.


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