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Make lists of where you want to go once you're free of your cosmic duty, plan out the route.

The old Henny Youngman-style joke, "I said 'Doc, it hurts when I do this; and the doctor said 'So, don't do that." The translation to dating and mating is, if you want someone as a partner who is fine with only being with you "on call", so to speak, but who still gives you the sense that you have a real mate, you will have a much harder time finding someone.

That leaves finding like minded men at hippie gatherings, wherever that might be. Unfortunately, the times where I am forced to stem roots, my obligations are here in Podunk, Arizona :-/I am not entirely sure what you mean by being a hippie. Sometimes camping in a tent, sleeping under the stars, in a cave, under a tree, on a boat, in a car, in a caravan etc. I have met some who are retired, on benefits, spending their half of the divorce settlement, spending what they inherited from their parents.

Another thing I recall hearing is that folks in the hippie lifestyle really like patchouli oil. It would likely "send a message" that you are into that lifestyle. I googled Rainbow Girl and found a fictional cartoon character. If you are what we here in the land of Oz call a person who likes Going Walkaboutor Being on the Wallaby tracki.e. Plus some who get jobs wherever they can / want and choose a life away from the trappings of society.

If you've seen that flick, you've probably realized keeping up a romantic connection is flimsy at best when you're always moving around.


Relationships need something to 'ground' them, plain and simple - whether it's a physical location on the planet or a phone number you always call or a time when you always connect - you HAVE to train yourself to have a time or place to 'lock' into if you ever want to have any appeal to most men out there looking for a relationship.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I find it almost impossible to find someone relatable except when I'm back on the road but that's only every couple of months.


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