Unable to connect to wireless network validating identity


The following fields are available: This event sends data indicating whether the system has WLAN, and if so, whether it uses an emulated driver that could block an upgrade, to help keep Windows up-to-date.


The following fields are available: This event sends type and capacity data about the battery on the device, as well as the number of connected standby devices in use, type to help keep Windows up to date.

The Basic level gathers a limited set of information that is critical for understanding the device and its configuration including: basic device information, quality-related information, app compatibility, and Windows Store.

When the level is set to Basic, it also includes the Security level information.

By better understanding the processes requesting these elevations, Microsoft can in turn improve the detection and handling of potentially malicious behavior in this path.

The following fields are available: A summary event indicating the parameters and result of a diagnostic data run.

This event can only be sent if a special flag is used to trigger the enterprise scenario.



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