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"He was scared and felt like he had to comply with what was being demanded of him.It's affected him deeply," Herman said, adding that the client suffers from anxiety attacks and depression.


"The closest thing I have to a 'naughty' shot of you," the email said, referring to an attached photo of the teen wearing only a towel around his waist.Herman said he's been contacted by other possible molestation victims connected to Hollywood, and he plans to file more lawsuits in the future — including one related to another alleged sex ring."I think this is a watershed for Hollywood," he told reporters Monday.One of the photos includes actress Kate Bosworth sitting in Singer's lap.

According to a lawsuit filed Saturday in federal court, Singer offered the boy a Quaalude and plied him with alcohol before bringing him back to his London hotel suite with co-defendant Gary Goddard, a producer of theme park rides, for the alleged sexual assault.The Florida lawyer who publicly accused "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of molesting underage boys produced photos Monday showing his latest client hanging with Singer shortly before an alleged sexual assault.


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